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Beautiful mountain views, unlimited sunshine, and a wide-open foreclosure market are attracting international home buyers to Arizona. International home buyers like the beauty of the area, but even more they like the possibilities Arizona’s foreclosure market is giving them.

As U.S. housing prices continue to drop and the dollar remains weak, international buyers are snatching up homes across the state. From metro Phoenix to the rural areas of Arizona, international buyers are increasing their real estate holdings throughout the entire state. Across the U.S., foreign home buyers spent nearly $41 billion on U.S. residential real estate from March 2010 to March of this year, a large percent of that money was invested in Arizona’s market.

Considering opportunities for the real estate investor are wide-open in Arizona, it’s no wonder investors are flocking to the area. The fix and flip market is rebounding. Former home owners, who lost their homes to foreclosure, are looking to re-invest, and the lease-option, rent- to-own or seller carry strategies may be their only option.

If you prefer to buy and hold real estate as an investor, Arizona has one of the biggest rental markets in the nation. A large majority of former home-owners, who were victims of the real estate foreclosure crisis, stayed in the same neighborhoods, and were forced to become renters. The demand for real estate properties in much of the greater Phoenix area continues to increase.

No matter what your investment strategy, the real estate market in Arizona offers infinite opportunity.

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